May 2015 Election

NDP defeat Tories and form Govt.

The Wildrose Alliance remain the opposition. As the Tories slump to 3d place. Liberals 4th.

The Alberta Party wins its 1st seat, haved moved from the right to the centre.

See Wikipedia for precise details.

La défaite des Bleus est peut-etre liee a la chute du prix du petrole.

NDP 54 (+50!) 41% du vote

Wildrose Party 21 (+4) 24%

Prog Conserv. 10 (-60) 28%

Liéeral 1 (-4) 4%

Alberta Party 1 (+1) 2%. Calgary-Elbow (un fleuve)

NDP Leader: Mme Rachel Notley (blonde) Edmonton-Strathcona.

Des 5 chefs, 3 se basent a Calgary, 1 a Edmonton et 1 au Fort McMurray

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