Formerly the riding held by NDP MP Wendy Lill, Dartmouth-Cole Harbour is now represented by Mike Savage, son of former Nova Scotia Premier, John Savage.

After Wendy's retirement, Susan MacAlpine-Gillis won the nomination to try and keep the seat for the NDP. Though she retained the NDP core vote, conservative support had collapsed in favour of the Liberals.

For the 2006 Federal Election, Peter Mancini, a former MP from Cape Breton, won the nomination in a tightly contested meeting between Peter and Anne-Marie Foote, Executive assistant to Alexa McDonough. Peter went on to increase the NDP vote by over 1,500 votes but, as the Conservative support was still lagging, Mike Savage was re-elected.

The riding is currently in the process of raising funds and building the NDP's profile to ensure that our candidate will win in the next Federal Election. In September we will host a Wine Tour throughout the province.