First Openly Gay Candidate: George Hislop. (1981, Toronto City Councilor Candidate)

It is said that Mayor John Sewell's support for the candidacy of George Hislop cost him the mayoral race in 1981.


The first political party dedicated solely to advancing Homosexual Rights in Canada - The Gay Alliance Towards Equality in BC ran a candidate in the 1979 BC provincial election in North Vancouver.

First Openly Gay Mp: Svend Robinson was elected in 1979 and came out in 1988.

First Gay/Lesbian to run for the leadership of a political party: Chris Lea. (Green Party, 1990) ; Svend Robinson (NDP Party, 1995) ; Scott Brison (Progressive Conservative, 2003)

First Gay/Lesbian leader of the Party: Chris Lea. (Leader of the Green Party, 1990 - 1996)

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