This is a list of articles about members of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and its successor, the Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP), social democratic political parties in Ontario, Canada.

Articles on current and former CCF/NDP members of the Ontario legislature Edit

First elected in 1934Edit

The CCF won one of the 90 seats available in the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in the 1934 provincial election:

  • Samuel Lawrence ; Hamilton East elected 1934, def. 1937, Mayor of Hamilton 1944-1949

In the 1937 election no CCFers were elected.

First elected in 1943Edit

The CCF won 34 of the 90 seats available in the 1943 election:

First elected in 1945Edit

The CCF won 8 of the 90 seats available in the 1945 election:

First elected in 1948Edit

The CCF won 21 of the 90 seats available in the 1948 election:

First elected in 1951Edit

The CCF won two of the 90 seats available in the 1951 election:

First elected in 1955Edit

The CCF won 3 of the 90 seats available in the 1955 election:

First elected in 1959Edit

The CCF won five of the 98 seats available in the 1959 election:

First elected in 1963Edit

The NDP won 7 of the 108 seats available in the 1963 election:

  • Stephen Lewis; Scarborough West 1963-1967-1971-1975-1977-1978by (retired, NDP won)
  • Fred Young; Yorkview (North York) 1963-1967-1971-1975-1977-1981, United Church Minister, former North York Alderman

First elected in 1964Edit

The NDP won a seat available in a 1964 by-election:

First elected in 1967Edit

The NDP won 20 of the 117 seats available in the 1967 election:

First elected in 1969Edit

The NDP won a seat available in a 1969 by-election:

First elected in 1971Edit

The NDP won 19 of the 117 seats available in the 1971 election:

  • Floyd Laughren; Nickle Belt 1971-1975-1977-1981-1985-1987-1990-1995-1998by (retired, NDP won)
  • Michael Cassidy; Ottawa Centre 1971-1975-1977-1981-1984by (ran federally, NDP won),
  • Jan Dukszta; Parkdale 1971-1975-1977-1981
  • James Francis Foulds; Port Arthur 1971-1975-1977-1981-1985-1987
  • Bud Germa; former MP; Sudbury 1971-1975-1977-1981, former NDP MP 1967-1968 for Sudbury
  • Ted Bounsall; Windsor West 1971-1975, Windsor Sandwich 1975-1977-1981

First elected in 1974Edit

The NDP won a seat available in a 1974 by-election:

  • George Samis; Stormont 1974by-1975, Cornwall 1975-1977-1981-1985

First elected in 1975Edit

The NDP won 38 of the 125 seats available in the 1975 election:

First elected in 1977Edit

The NDP won 33 of the 125 seats available in the 1977 election:

  • Brian Charlton; Hamilton Mountain 1977-1981-1985-1987-1990-1995 (ran, NDP lost)
  • Dave Cooke; Windsor Riverside 1977-1981-1985-1987-1990-1995-1998by (retired, NDP won)

First elected in 1979Edit

The NDP won two seat in a 1979 by-elections:

First elected in 1981Edit

The NDP won 21 of the 125 seats available in the 1981 election.

First elected in 1982Edit

The NDP won two seats in 1982 by-elections:

  • Richard Alexander Allen; Hamilton West 1982by-1985-1987-1990-1995 (ran, NDP lost)
  • Bob Rae; York South 1982by-1985-1987-1990-1995-1996by (retired, NDP lost)

First elected in 1985Edit

The NDP won 25 of the 125 seats available in the 1985 election:

  • Patrick Michael Hayes - Essex North 1985-1987, Essex-Kent 1990-1995 (ran, NDP lost)
  • David Reville; Riverdale 1985-1987-1990 (retired, NDP won)
  • Ruth Grier; Lakeshore 1985-1987, Etobicoke Lakeshore 1987-1990-1995 (ran, NDP lost)
  • Gilles Pouliot; Lake Nipigon 1985-1987-1990-1995-1999 (retired, NDP lost)
  • Karl Morin-Strom; Sault Ste Marie 1985-1987-1990 (retired, NDP won)
  • David Ramsay; Timiskaming 1985-1986* (switched to Liberal Party in 1986, still an MPP)

First elected in 1987Edit

The NDP won 19 of the 130 seats available in the 1987 election:

  • Mike Farnan - Cambridge 1987-1990-1995 (ran, NDP lost)
  • Howard Hampton; Rainy River 1987-1990-1995-1999, Kenora Rainy River 1999-2003-present
  • Shelley Martel; Sudbury East 1987-1990-1995-1999, Nickle Belt 1999-2003-present,

First elected in 1988Edit

The NDP won a seat in a 1988 by-election:

  • Peter Kormos; Welland Thorold 1988by-1990-1995-1999, Niagara Centre 1999-2003-present

First elected in 1990Edit

The NDP won 74 of the 130 seats available in the 1990 election:

First elected in 1995Edit

The NDP won 17 of the 130 seats available in the 1995 election.

First elected in 1998Edit

The NDP won two seats in 1998 by-elections:

  • Blain Morin; Nickle Belt 1998by-1999 (Ridings Merged, Did not seek nomination)

(elected as a Liberal in 1997, he switched to the NDP in 1998 after losing nomination), Ottawa City Councillor

First elected in 1999Edit

The NDP won 9 of the 103 seats available in the 1999 election.

First elected in 2001Edit

The NDP won a seat in a 2001 by-election:

  • Michael Prue; Beaches-East York 2001by-2003-present, former mayor of East York

First elected in 2003Edit

The NDP won 7 of the 108 seats available in the 2003 election.

First elected in 2004Edit

The NDP won a seat in a 2004 by-election:

First elected in 2006Edit

The NDP won two seats in 2006 by-elections:

  • Peter Tabuns; Toronto-Danforth 2006by-present, former Toronto City Councillor
  • Cheri DiNovo; Parkdale-High Park 2006by-2007-present, United Church Minister

First elected in 2007 Edit

The NDP won a seat in a 2007 by-election:

  • Paul Ferreira; York South-Weston 2007by-2007, Journalist (ran, NDP lost)

The NDP won 10 of the 107 seats available in the 2007 election:

  • France Gelinas; Nickel Belt 2007-present, Healthcare Administrator
  • Paul Miller; Hamilton East-Stoney Creek 2007-present, Former Stoney Creek Councillor

Articles on prominent Ontario CCF/NDP members and organizers Edit




  • Michael Lewis - organizer and provincial secretary
  • Gerald Caplan - advisor to Stephen Lewis, director of research in the late 1990s


  • Ian Orenstein - former Ontario NDP leadership challenger, comic book artist


  • Alex Munter - long-time NDP member, former candidate, Head of Canadians for Equal Marriage,
  • Tarek Fatah - long-time NDP member, former candidate, Host of TV show Muslim Chronicle

Articles on prominent NDP candidates & past candidatesEdit

2003 election

  • Earl Manners - Head of Ontario Secondary School Teachers Union

1995 election

  • Brent Hawkes - Revenend Metropolitian Community Church, gay activist

1987 election

Articles on prominent NDPers/CCFers at the municipal level Edit

  • Maria Augimeri - long-time NDP Toronto City Councillor
  • Howard Moscoe - long-time NDP City Councillor for North York & Toronto
  • Joe Pantalone - long-time NDP City Councillor in Toronto
  • Pam McConnell - long-time NDP City Councillor in Toronto
  • Sandra Bussin - long-time NDP City Councillor in Toronto
  • Joe Mihevc - long-time NDP City Councillor in Toronto
  • Janet Davis - NDP City Councillor in Toronto
  • Paula Fletcher - NDP City Councillor in Toronto, Former leader of Manitoba Communist Party
  • Irene Jones - Former NDP City Councillor in Toronto
  • Adam Giambrone - NDP City Councillor and federal party president
  • Peter Tabuns - former City Councillor & 2004 NDP candidate in Beaches-East York
  • School Board Trustee Rick Tefler (Toronto-Danforth, Ward 15) ; since Nov 2003
  • longtime Toronto School Board Trustee Stephnie Payne
  • frm longtime School Board Trustee & NDP Organizer John Campey
  • frm longtime North York School Board Trustee Sheila Lambrinos
  • Councillor Mary Smith (Lakefield Ward, Smith-Ennismore-Lakefield Twp., ON)
  • Clive Doucet - Ottawa City Councillor 2000-present, Capital Ward
  • Former Councillor/Conseiller Alex Munter , Kanata
  • Ron Jones - City Councillor Windsor Ward 2 2002by-present, Windsor School Trustee 1980-1992

See alsoEdit

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