This is a list of articles about members of the Yukon, Canada, branch of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF), a social democratic political party, and its successor, the Yukon New Democratic Party (NDP).

1944 general electionEdit

One CCF candidate was elected in the 1944 election.

In the 1947 election, no CCF candidates ran.

1949 general electionEdit

One CCF candidate was elected in the 1949 election.

In the 1953, 1957, 1958, 1962, 1963, and 1965 elections, no CCF or NDP candidates ran.

===1968 general election=== (none)

===1972 general election=== (none)

1974 general electionEdit

Two NDP candidates were elected in the twelve seats available in the 1974 election.

1978 general electionEdit

One of the fourteen NDP candidates was elected in the sixteen seats available in the 1978 election.

  • Tony Penikett - NDP - City Councillor - Whitehorse 1978-1982-1985-1989-1992-?

1981 by-election Edit

One NDP candidate won a by-election in the 1981 election, and one MLA elected as an independent crossed the floor to the NDP, which gave it enough seats to form the Official Opposition.

  • Maurice Byblow - teacher & businessman - Faro 1978-1981 independent, NDP 1981-1982-1985 (retired, NDP lost), 1989
  • Roger Kimmerley - NDP - Judge - Whitehorse South Centre 1981 by-election -1982-1985-1989 (moved out of Yukon, NDP won)

1982 general electionEdit

Three NDP MLAs were re-elected in the 1982 election, and three more won for the first time for a total of six of the sixteen seats in the Legislature. The NDP again formed the Official Opposition.

  • Piers McDonald - NDP - trade unionist - Mayo (Elsa) 1982-1985-1989-?, McIntyre-Takhini 1992-1996-2000 (ran, NDP lost)
  • Margaret Joe reverted her name to Margaret Commodore - NDP - Native activist - Whitehorse North 1982-1985-1989, Whitehorse Centre 1992
  • Dave Porter - NDP - Native activist - Campbell 1982-1985, Watson Lake 1985-1989 (retired, NDP lost)


The six NDP MLAs were re-elected, and two more won for the first time for a total of eight of the sixteen seats in the Legislature. The NDP formed a minority government.

1987 by-electionEdit

The NDP won one by-election in 1987, to give it a majority in the Legislature.

1989 general electionEdit

The NDP won nine of the sixteen seats available in the 1989 election, and formed a majority government.

1992 general election Edit

The NDP lost the election to the Yukon Party and became the official opposition.

  • Trevor Harding - Faro - 1992-1996-2000, Interim leader in 2000, resigned in 2001
  • Lois Moorcroft - Mount Lorne - ? by-election -1996 Lost in 2000
  • David Sloan - Whitehorse West - ? by-election -1996 Lost in 2000

1996 general election Edit

NDP won the election and formed a majority government under Piers McDonald.

2000 general election Edit

NDP lost the election, but became the official opposition

2002 general electionEdit

The NDP won five of the 18 seats available in the 2002 election, and formed the Official opposition.

Articles on prominent NDPers/CCFers at the municipal levelEdit

See alsoEdit

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