• Arlene Bynon - Radio Talk Show Host, former TV Talk Show Host

Source : Said on Global News at a Conservative Party Fundraiser that she supports Harper

Source : Candidate for Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives in 2003 provincial election

Source : Well known with multiple sources ; Vocal Supporter of Mike Harris,

Source : Ontario PC MPP

Source : Supporter of John Tory (Ontario PC Leader and frm CFL Commissioner)

Source : Considered running as the Conservative candidate in Victoria in 2006 but decided against because his children are still too young.

Source : Brother Loftus Cuddy ran for Conservatives in 2004. Not a Conservative supporter himself

Source :

Source : Well known with multiple sources, Supporter of Iraq War/Bush, Uncle ran for Conservatives

Source : Former PC MP 1972-1993

Source : Well known with multiple sources ; Ran for Conservatives in 2006.

Source : Well known supporter of Mike Harris

Source :

Source ;

Source : Ran for Canadian Alliance back in 2000 in Dartmouth

Source : Supported his brother, PC MP and Deputy Prime Minister under Joe Clark, Erik Nielsen

Source : candidate in 2006 provincial election for the Nova Scotia Progressive Conservatives

Source : Was at a fundraiser with Jim Flaherty

Source : Conservative MP

Source : Ontario PC Candidate 1977

Source : Well known with multiple sources, Hosted a Mike Harris Tribute

Source ; Ran for Progressive Conservatives back in 2000 in York North

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