This is a list of celebrities known to have links to the New Democratic Party of Canada:

Source: NDP Member of Parliament 2004+
Source: Public Record, donated money to NDP [1]
Source: NDP candidate in 2004 election
Source: have headlined many NDP fundraisers
Source: Said he voted 'Orange' on the January 24 2006 6 O'Clock News Cast after being teased by anchor and well-known Conservative supporter Ken Shaw.
Source: Campaigned for his daughter Rochelle Carnegie, who ran for the federal NDP in 2006 and who also works at the Ontario NDP Office.
Source: Dose Magazine Jan 6-8 2006
Source : CBC 'Life and Times of Arthur Erickson'
Source: in campaign photo-op with Ontario NDP leader Howard Hampton and candidates Marilyn Churley and Gene Lara in Ontario 2003 provincial election
Source: campaigned for NDP candidate Marilyn Churley in 2006 federal election
Source: Ran for federal NDP in Don Valley North in 1988
Source : Ontario NDP leader 1970-1978
Source: NDP candidate in 1972
Source: NDP candidate in 1979, 1980
Source: NOW magazine Jan 19-25 2006, Ontario NDP Candidate in 1999; NDP campaign worker in past elections
  • Greg Malone - Comedian, from 1980's CBC comedy show "Codco", gay activist
Source : NDP Candidate in 2002 by-election
Source: NDP candidate in 2004 election
Source : Toronto Star Thursday Jan 12 2006
Source : Campaigned for NDP candidates, worked as NDP Toronto Events Coordinator in 2004 federal election
Source : NDP Candidate in 2004 & 2006 federal elections
Source: received media coverage after not being allowed to donate to Peg Norman's Campaign due to O'Donnell not being a Canadian citizen
Source: Public Record (Donated Money)
Source : CBC The Greatest Canadian Finale Show, supported frm NDP Leader Tommy Douglas, wore anti-Stephen Harper buttons during 2004 federal election that were provided by the NDP
Source : NDP candidate in 1968, 2000, 2004, 2006 elections
Source: CBC News: The Hour, Dec 2005
Source : Toronto Star Thursday Jan 12 2006
Source : Advocate for Tommy Douglas as the The Greatest Canadian
  • David Suzuki - environmentalist, host of CBC Television's The Nature of Things 1974-present
Source: Has been the headliner at many NDP fundraisers
Source : NDP candidate 1962, 1963, 1965, 1968
Source: CBC News the Hour December 2005
Source : Campaigned for his relatives who are NDP Politicians, Uncle George Hickes Manitoba NDP MLA & Speaker and Cousin Hunter Tootoo was a former federal NDP candidate
  • Dr. Joseph Wong - entrepreneur, humanitarian (winner of 2004 Red Cross's Power of Humanity Award)
Source: NDP election phamplet in 2004 for Don Valley East candidate Valerie Mah
Source: Public Record, Elections Ontario

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