This list of celebrities with links to the US Republican Party includes living Americans widely renowned outside of politics who are or have been supporters of candidates of the United States Republican Party.

Republican officeholdersEdit

  • Shirley Temple Black, actress, ran for Congress as a Republican, former U.S. Ambassador, served under four Republican Presidents. [1]
  • Michael Bloomberg, founder of Bloomberg L.P., Mayor of New York City. [2]
  • Jim Bunning, Baseball Hall of Fame pitcher, U.S. Senator from Kentucky. [3]
  • Clint Eastwood, actor, composer, director, producer, registered Republican, former Mayor of Carmel, California. [4] [5]
  • Fred Grandy, actor, former U.S. Congressman from Iowa. [6]
  • Jack Kemp, professional football player, former U.S. Congressman from New York, candidate for U.S. Vice President in 1996 with presidential nominee Bob Dole. [7]
  • Lawrence Kudlow, CNBC host, journalist, former Associate Director for Economics and Planning in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) under President Reagan. [8]
  • Steve Largent, Pro Football Hall of Fame wide receiver, former U.S. Congressman from Oklahoma. [9]
  • Judy Martz, Olympic speed skater, former Governor of Montana. [10]
  • Tom Osborne, College Football Hall of Fame head coach, U.S. Congressman from Nebraska. [11]
  • Jim Ryun, Olympic distance runner, U.S. Congressman from Kansas. [12]
  • Joe Scarborough, MSNBC host, former U.S. Congressman from Florida, served on the President's Council under George W. Bush. [13]
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, actor, bodybuilder, Governor of California. [14]
  • Fred Thompson, actor, former U.S. Senator from Tennessee. [15]
  • J.C. Watts, football player, former U.S. Congressman from Oklahoma. [16]
  • Ben Stein member of Nixon White House Staff.

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